Sunday, 28 February 2010

Medium Rare Sunday - The Pale

We are just 5 days away from 'Seachtain Na Gaeilge' which takes place from March 5th to March 17th. The launch will take place in The Button Factory this Wednesday.

Ceol 10 is out now and includes many great tracks from Irish artists such as Luan Parle, Fiach and The Swell Season. One of my favourite songs on any of the Ceol albums is the re-working of Butterfly by The Pale:

The Pale - Feilechain

More Details:

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Tweet Review - Fionn Regan

Tweet review is the new feature on the blog. This is where I review an album in less than 140 characters.

Fionn Regan - The Shadow of an Empire

2nd album, new direction, more upbeat, grittier, similar 2 Elliott Smith's Figure 8era, love the songs 5,6,9, lack of charm = 8 out of 12!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Gathering in Maynooth

What a super line-up for this one day festival happening on March 3rd. It's €35 for NUIM students and staff and €45 for us non Maynooth students.

Over 3 stages and during 12 hours of music you will hear the likes of:

The View,
The Magic Numbers,
Duke Special,
Mick Flannery,
Sidney Samson,
The Coronas,
The Chapters,
Grand Pocket Orchestra,
and Mundy!

When you consider the Triners is asking for €78 for this .... I think the organisers are doing a super job for The Gathering!

Here's a new song from Neosuperviatal!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Twitter Tuesday - John Spillane

When I came up with 'Twitter Tuesday' the plan was to post a song inspired by an event or tweet on Twitter! Well where do I begin?

One of the best articles I've read about the various uses of Twitter was Una Mullally's article in this Sunday's Tribune here:

In the article Una states that "Twitter is all about the individual; your thoughts, your opinion, what you're doing." It's the instant transfer of information in one place where you choose from millions those people who you have some common association with. It works very well when you get home from work and want to vent to people that you're pissed off ...... enter Dan Boyle and Wilie O'Dea!

John Spillane - The Song of Lies

It's great to see that John Spillane is currently on tour in the US! His songs are well written tales which include great insight and wit.

Tour Dates:

02/25/10 John Spillane in Worthington, OH Bronwynn Theatre, Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center US

02/27/10 John Spillane in Columbia, Maryland Panzer House Concerts US

02/28/10 John Spillane in Hampton, VA Harris Creek Acoustic House US

03/02/10 John Spillane in Sumter, SC Sumter Opera House US

03/04/10 John Spillane in Monroe, Louisiana Enochs Irish Pub and Cafe US

03/06/10 John Spillane in Austin, Texas Onion Creek House Concerts US

03/07/10 John Spillane in Austin, Texas Open Ears Concerts US

03/13/10 John Spillane in Orchard Road. Clondalkin. Dublin Áras Chrónáin Ionad Cultúrtha IE

03/14/10 John Spillane in Trafalgar Square, London, England St Patricks Day Festival, Trafalgar Square UK

Other acts: Foy Vance, The Coronas, Kila, Four Men & A Dog, Mundy and Camille O’Sullivan.

03/23/10 John Spillane in Help for Haiti with Christy Moore Vicar Street IE

03/29/10 John Spillane in Midleton, Cork McDaids IE

04/09/10 John Spillane in Blarney, Cork The Muskerry Arms IE

04/13/10 John Spillane in Langton House Hotel,Kilkenny The Set Theatre IE

04/14/10 John Spillane in Langton House Hotel,Kilkenny The Set Theatre IE

Ceol 10 Album Details

I do love the Ceol albums even though I struggle with our native tongue! Here's Fiach singing 'Is Aoibhne' which appears on the album!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Cover Me Monday - Republic of Loose

Republic of Loose have gone through their most successful few months in terms of PR while not releasing anything for ages. Firstly Irvine Welsh championed the band by saying in Q magazine that his favourite album of the naughties was 'Aaagh!'.

Earlier this month they headlined the Phantom FM first Friday gig for Haiti.

Here's the Republic of Loose doing a decent cover of R Kelly's Ignition:


They are now scheduled to support Ash in a secret location [Andrew's Lane but shhhh] on March 20th as part of some 7Up marketing gimmick.

Finally they are on the FM104 annual help a Dublin Child gig in The Olympia with The Coronas and Joe Echo. It's on April 9th and details from:

Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday's Forgotten Favourites - Blink

Blink were a pretty good band in their day. Their day was in the early 90's with the release of their strong debut 'A Map of the Universe'. It was in that same electronic indie genre of Jesus Jones, EMF and The Soup Dragons. Blink in 1992 were the first band in the world to be featured on a phonecard! Well that's according to here! [see below]

Blink were: Dermot Lambert: Vocals, Guitar
Brian McLoughlin: Bass Guitar
Robbie Sexton: Guitars, Keyboards & Vocals
Barry Campell: Drums & Backing Vocals

Love Me

Going To Nepal

Blink did release album number two in the US in 1998 called 'The End is High'. It took two years to be released in Ireland. In 2004 they had a revival of sorts by releasing 'Deep Inside The Sound Of Sadness'.

Legacy: Blink built up a decent following and released some great albums. Lead singer Dermot is heavily involved in the music management here as well as releasing his solo album very soon. Catch him support Martin Egan in Whelans on March 5th. Fearghal McKee from Whipping Boy is also on support duties that night.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

MusicBlogocide 2010

The internet's essential tool Google really pissed people off in two ways this week. Firstly if you use the brilliant user-friendly gmail you've been automatically signed up to 'Buzz' [Deadly Buzz?]. Then they go to the extremes by deleting six of the best mp3 music blogs out there. An example of flexing their muscles? Yes! They are not making friends and influencing people at the minute!

My first attempt at a music blog was which didn't work due to lack of an objective and because it had a stupid name! I did get a few DMCA complaints due to posting songs by the likes of Wheat, Ben Harper and Flobots. So far with 2uibestow I've only had the one musician asking me to remove their material from this site and as yet have had no DMCA complaints. Hopefully this means that 2uibestow will be live and kicking for as long as I have the will to continue.

Here's a great article explaining MusicBlogocide 2010:

I do find it hard to believe that Google took down I Rock Cleveland, It’s a Rap, Living Ears, To Die By Your Side, Masala and Pop Tarts. This includes all their archives and hundreds of personal comments. These blogs have in a way suffered from their popularity. The vast majority of blogs like this one have just a small following and readership. 2uibestow is a tiny aspect of the global music scene and I'd like to think gaining respect in the local Irish music scene. I do believe blogging as an entity is unique because for the majority of blogs there is no monetary gain. Music bloggers are in the main simply music fans and use their site as a recommendation forum above all other things.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Vantastival - New Music Festival in Co. Louth

Direct from their website: "Vantastival is a three-day family-friendly music festival held at Dunany Estate in mid-Louth over the May bank holiday weekend (April 30 - May 2, 2010), aimed primarily at campervan, motorhome and motor scooter enthusiasts but will be a brilliant weekend for all seasoned festival-goers with live music and entertainment on three stages."

This looks like great fun. Here's the good aspects of this festival;

1. It's €65 for weekend including camping AND all kids under 14 are free!
2. It's not far from us [45 min drive]
3. Fancy dress welcome ball, themed 'Mods v. Rockers', in a circus tent in the campsite.
4. Full weekend programme of live music and comedy on three stages, culminating each night with a big name act.
5. Healing and well-being area featuring massage and healing therapies.
6. Wooded children's playground area with adjacent crèche marquee and scheduled children's entertainment.
7. Craft and food fair, including homebrew workshop.

Here's the confirmed line-up so far:

Jack L
Mick Flannery
Mark Geary

Dublin City Ramblers
Jinx Lennon
The Hot Sprockets

Cuckoo Savante
Lisa O'Neill
Noelie McDonnell
Scarecrow Disco
Sounds of System Breakdown
Prairie Dawgs
Valerie June
Sara Lou
Yngve and the Innocent
little xs for eyes
The Candidates
Meg Hutchinson
Pressure Drop
Wee Small Gods
Earthquake Hair
Ned and the Horse Boxes
Poppy Lloyd
John Vaughan
Sticky Digit

and ................ Frantic Jack

Sunday, 7 February 2010

James Guilmartin - Intro Into Exile [Album Review]

James Guilmartin released his debut album 'Intro Into Exile' at the end of January with a launch upstairs in Whelans. James has spent many years writing songs, regularly gigging and being part of 'The Happy Gang' around '05/'06 with the likes of blog favourites Jenny Lindfors, Robotnik and Alyanya. James pretty much played every instrument on the album and has created an album full of big sounds.

I really like the indie pop sound on the song 'All The Dogs Are Howling Their Own Tune' where it reminds me of Badly Drawn Boy on the 'About a Boy' soundtrack. The huge sound of 'Wise Up' works well mid album and showcases James' powerful voice. 'Untimely Tails' is a grunge inspired song which is the highlight of the album.

'Intro Into Exile' is an album which gets better after a few listens. I wasn't too impressed on the first listen because I had very high expectations from the album. It's almost too big on ambition. There are many attempts at creating an atmospheric aura to the album which doesn't work. It flirts with far too many genres. The 'Muse' sounding 'Breadcrumb Trail' is at the opposite scale to the country folk of 'Gypsy Love Song'. I'm not too sure why production levels on the song 'Spirit of Haum' were stripped down.

'Intro Into Exile' is not a bad album. It has many good songs and does end on a high with an excellent repetitive lullaby in 'Nightly Blossom'. It's good enough to be the end song of any mixtape! I'd be very interested in hearing this album sung live by James either in a solo gig or with a full band in the future.

James Guilmartin - Intro Into Exile [8 out of 12]

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Keith Mullins - The Great Atlantic [Album Review]

Keith Mullins from Galway has just released his debut album The Great Atlantic. Keith may well be marketed as a singer-songwriter but this fine debut offers way more than the genre suggests.

The album kicks off with the radio friendly 'Three Steps' which suggests this album is closer to the "Americano" genre than the singer-songwriter genre. Keith's voice is similar to Ron Sexsmith's on many of the songs. I also hear many similarities to the sound of 'Calexico' on songs such as 'Across the Ocean', 'Neil Armsong' and 'As I Walk You Home'.

For me the songs which include the delicate backing vocals of Ciara Delaney are the standout tracks. These include 'No Hercules' and the wonderful love song 'This Is Me, Walking Away'. 'The Great Atlantic' is an album of great depth, intimacy and charm which if there was any justice in the world would be listened to by the masses!

Keith Mullins - The Great Atlantic [10 out of 12]

Catch Keith live especially if you're going to the Newton Faulkner show in The Olympia on Feb 27th.


11 Feb 2010 - The Helix (DCU) , Dublin
17 Feb 2010 - Zodiac Sessions , Dublin
20 Feb 2010 - The Gaf Cafe ( early show ) , Galway
20 Feb 2010 - Canavan's , Tuam
21 Feb 2010 - The Crane Bar , Galway
24 Feb 2010 - De Barra's , Clonakilty
26 Feb 2010 - Purple Sessions , Drogheda
27 Feb 2010 - Olympia Theatre , Dublin
3 Mar 2010 - Brazil's Cafe Bar , Clonmel
5 Mar 2010 - Common Grounds Cafe , Belfast
7 Mar 2010 - An Crubin , Cork
11 Mar 2010 - Whelan's ( upstairs ) , Dublin
14 Mar 2010 - An Realt Dearg , Cork